La Villa Méditerranée, Vos Vacances de Rêves aux Caraibes.


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Salon/Living Room

Dining Room and Kitchen



Swimming Pool




The Outdoor Veranda

The veranda offers an outdoor covered gallery, with recess lighting, outdoor dining for eight, and an additional sitting area overlooking the private pool. Large sliding glass doors open from the salon to the veranda. Flowering plants border the veranda stairs. A teak garden table and chairs beckon diners to relax with views of the flowering decks and garden.

The Garden

The garden is privately gated and surrounds the entire villa. It was designed by Gilles Cauvi, the owner of Caribbean Garden, one of St. Martin’s best landscapers. Traveler Palm trees, Ficus trees, Lantana lavender, Phoenix Roebelini, Solandra, Flamboyant trees, and flowering bougainvilleas transform the garden into a Caribbean oasis of smell and color. Every door of the Villa Méditerranée open onto the garden and every window allows our guests to view the garden’s beauty.

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